Stephen F. Austin State University

On January 26th and 27th I was a guest artist at Stephen F. Austin State University.  My entire tour was brought about because I was invited to SFA by Susan Nelson.  THANKS SUSAN for getting me to Texas!  While at SFA I performed a full recital, taught bassoon lessons, worked with bassoonists in a masterclass, and present an injury prevention workshop.

Masterclass with bassoon studio from 2-4pm

Recital at 7:30pm on January 26

Paula Brusky – Bassoon
Eliza Thomason – Viola
Geneva Fung – Piano


“Movements for Bassoon and Piano” by Stefan Cwik


“Little Sarabande for Viola and Bassoon” by Justin Henry Rubin

“Mist for Bassoon and Track” by Kyle Hovatter

Wild Purple for Solo Viola by Joan Tower

“Sonata Op 229, No. 3” by Guilherme Schroeter

II – Moderato
III – Scherzando

Injury Prevention Workshop 2-4:30pm

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